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Towaco Fire House History

The Towaco Volunteer Fire Department (District No. 2, in the Township of Montville) was organized on August 9, 1920, to provide fire service to our community. 

 In April of 1921, a special committee was formed to meet with the Township Committee. Shortly afterward, a special election was held to create Fire District No. 2, and to elect a Board of Fire Commissioners to govern the new district. Then and now... Pictured above the Towaco Firehouse, shortly after it's construction in 1931 along with the fire crew and equipment of the day. Fire fighting and fire prevention has come a long way since then. 

 Today the tradition continues. The Towaco Volunteer Fire Department is a modern well equipped force, dedicated to servicing the needs of the community. 

 Volunteer departments remain the most cost effective method of providing vital emergency services. 

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